Do You Know When You Are Dreaming?

Do you know when you are dreaming? Does it ever hit you when you are in the midst of a dream that “holy crap this is a dream?”.

It happens to me all of the time, and what generally happens is that although I know I am dreaming, I can’t seem to “cheat” it into panning out how I would like. Like when I am running late, and no matter what I do I can’t seem to get ready. It’s tiring and frustrating.

Or it happens when I am being chased or trapped, which isn’t tiring or frustrating, but horrible and stressy non the less.

In recent years, on very rare occasions, when I have realised I am dreaming, I take extra special note of my surroundings. Because I am so amazed at how real the dream feels and appears, I just want to take it all in and absorb as much as possible.

I will focus on different aspects of the room, the textures, colours, food and tastes, and even written material such as signs and books. I will explore as much of the scene as possible. I want to feel part of it.

It truly feels real, vivid and rich.

Something I wonder though, is the detail there the whole time, or does it only appear when I laser focus on it?

A few nights ago, I knew I was dreaming and I knew I could take this opportunity to take control and actually influence the dream, and experience something I don’t remember experiencing before: fully working feet.

You see, I have a condition that affects the function of my feet. I can’t wriggle my toes, or lift my big toe and front of my feet. I cannot remember a time where they worked properly.

In my dream I decided I would move my feet. I could experience a fully functional body!

Here is how it all panned out…

I am sitting on my corner lounge in my loungeroom, my kids playing to my left. Xbox. I hear my husband’s car in the drive, but he does not come in right away.

”But isn’t it the middle of the night, and aren’t I in bed asleep?” I am wondering to myself. Something feels off, my surroundings not quite right.

I am dreaming. This is a dream. I know I am dreaming. Can I control it? Could I try something I haven’t tried before?

What if I can move my feet?

I get up off the lounge and sit myself cross legged on the floor. With all of my concentration I try to lift the front part of my foot, and tried to lift my big toe. It is a struggle. My feet are locked tight. My muscles and nerves have been laying dormant, out of practise for so long, they feel rusty.

This is cheating, how can you possibly influence this dream? The voices in my head are fighting and competing over whether or not I can actually do this.

My feet are beginning to move, they are flexing up towards my shins, my bog toe is flexing up even more so. I am doing it!

The feelings of stuckness, stiffness and locked up muscles are beginning to loosen. They feel free and flexible. My heart is racing with excitement. I can’t believe this is happening.

Now I have something to reference to when I do my healing visualisations. I now know how it feels to move my feet in this way. I’m elated. Hopeful. Proud.

Now what can I try? Yes, I know.

I get up off the ground quickly and with ease, so not like real life, and proceed to practice crouching down and popping back up to standing. So basic for most people, but to me this is a-fricken-mazing! This is so easy. So real. I am smiling ear to ear.

Then I wake up.

Holy crap that was such a profound and incredible experience. Since then, I have also vividly dream I was doing my daughter’s gymnastics beam routine, which was pretty incredible too.

My takeaways from this dream is that I now have something to visualise when I am meditating for healing (I love Dr Joe Dispenza’s work), and manifesting. But the best thing is that I now know how it feels to move my feet and feel fully functional, and that to me is priceless.

So, I would love to hear from you. What are your experiences with dreaming and knowing you are dreaming? Have you experienced lucid dreaming? Have you used the power of visualisation for manifesting or healing? And, what is your favourite “dream” themed book or movie? Mine is Inception.