Oh, Maybe These are Gifts & Not Distractions

For so long I’ve ignored this part of me. I thought it was just my escape from the real world. I thought that I had some broken and strange withdrawal technique to save me from the reality of life’s responsibilities.

For so long I fought with my inner world and ideas because they weren’t useful. They weren’t a gift. They were a distraction, and a world I couldn’t explain.

From the outside I look calm, reserved, sometimes disinterested, uncaring or even cold at times.

I look unmotivated, unexcited, lazy.

No one sees what’s on the inside. The swelling of emotions, the love the hope, the gratitude, the amazement. I have so much to say, opinions, insight, love, ideals. I care more than many will ever know.

Maybe now is the time to start sharing my inner world with the outer world.

I always assumed my inner thoughts and fantasies were merely me escaping reality, but what if that’s not quite the case?

Perhaps they are gifts that are meant to be brought from my inner world to the outer world.

Because if they are kept inside, that’s where they will stay. If they are in the outer world then they will live on forever.

But here’s the challenge – The process of actually describing, articulating my creations so that others can visualise in their own mind the world I imagine.

But again I might have that all mixed up too! Maybe the point isn’t to get the reader to imagine my inner world exactly, but to ignite and inspire their imagination and create a rich inner world of their own.

I’m only just realising this now?


Introvert | INFP | Explorer of my inner world | Personality Typology Nut | Navigating life as an introvert with some physical limitations | Homebody | Wife | Mother

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