Daydreaming Problem: Not Being in Touch With my Body or Reality

By now you will know I am a daydreamer. An introverted, who loves living in my rich inner world, wouldn’t care if I didn’t speak to anyone or leave the house for a week kind of daydreamer.

I also am despising all of the things I am meant to remember for my kids school life. I don’t think we had that much homework in Kindergarten or Year 2. But apparently parents need to do schoolwork.

I think my problem lies in the fact that I fear forgetting something, or not doing things right and therefore feel inadequate at parenting. It is hard enough actually getting my kids to take a shower let alone do their spelling lists.

I much prefer to see my kids use their creative skills to write me a story or draw a picture or create amazing palaces in Minecraft.

So basically the more my kids need to do, the more I have to nag and the more anxious and fed up I feel. I like peace, harmony and all that nice, relaxing stuff.

But onto the topic at hand. I love living in my head. But… it gets a little too much sometimes. I generally know when that has happened. I shut down. I look disinterested. Lethargic. Like I couldn’t care less. Lazy? But on the inside I am freaking out a little. My mind won’t stop. Ruminating. Deliberating. Procrastinating. Worrying. Confusion. Too many ideas and no plan. Questioning. Self-doubt.

It’s a bit of a downward spiral actually.

A healthier version of being in my thoughts looks more like this: Exciting. So many possibilites. I can do anything! Rich. Layered. Textured. Grateful. Connected. Inspired. Creative. Refreshed.

But staying there too long and I find myself in a funk.

So I am trying a new approach. To make it a priority to actually get into my physical body regularly through exercise (it is a challenge I am not going to lie), and also through learning the guitar (which will require concentration as well as learning a physical thing).

Backstory. I have Charcot Marie Tooth Disease which is a nerve disease affecting the peripheral nerves. My nerves are slowly deteriorating and I am losing function in my feet and hands. They are moderately affected and anything I do that involves my hands and feet are a major challenge.

So as you can imagine playing guitar is, and will continue to be a massive challenge. I may not even be capable of playing it to it’s full capacity, but I will try my best to play it to my full capacity.

I am considering videoing myself to gauge my progress. I am sure it will be confronting for me to see how much I struggle, but imagine how I will feel if I make some progress!

I also find if I am stuck in my head, a great thing to do is get up and do something. Although I am perfectly capable to participating in the real world whilst simultaneously daydreaming, but I feel it’s the act of getting up and moving the physical energy around my body, to get it unstuck and flowing again. Then I find my thoughts go back to being positive, flowing and productive.

If you are an introvert (INFP and ISFP in particular), you might be able to relate to this post.

X. Vicky