Blogging Simply to Express Myself, Nothing More

So often I will get an urge to write a blog post to then open up WordPress to a blank page and have no idea where to start or what to even write.

It seems I have a desire to express myself, but when it comes time to get it down on paper (or on the laptop screen), I second guess myself. I get all judgey on myself and feel like I need to be writing something profound, or structured, or with a deep message.

So what then do I want to happen when I open up a blank new post? What is the purpose of the urge to blog if I feel stuck so easily?

Well… to get down to basics…

I want to express myself. I want the words to flow out. I want to feel connected to something. I want to feel as though I am talking or communicating to someone.

Because when I don’t express myself, or tap into my inner imagination, and don’t let it out into the world, well, then I feel like I will burst. Or I feel agitated and obsessive and actually extremely unproductive.

I will admit, though, that there is a tipping point for me. I often teeter between feeling a desire to write a post and feeling inspired, to obsessing about the not so important parts like planning, strategising, what I ”should” be  doing, the ”rules” to blogging, and all that not-so-fun (for me anyway –  I know it is some people’s jam) stuff.

But what if I ignore the rules? Throw out the box rather than try to fit into it? Perhaps I should experiment with no box, no rules.

I have noticed that with my personal Instagram account I have stopped worrying about that perfectly curated feed, the balance, the colour scheme. I have just posted photos that are real, that reflect me and without overthinking it.

It feels much more freeing doing it this way. I am not a business. I am not selling anything. So why the heck worry about how my feed looks aesthetically from a branding perspective? It is just way too stressy, time consuming and not a priority.

I feel lighter and can put that energy into my family or myself.

I am trying to take that same approach to this blog. Just write to express myself. I am not a business, I am not selling anything. It is my outlet, my personality projected out into the world. It is meant to be fun, therapeutic, and to lighten my energetic load.

I hope you don’t mind.

X. V



Introvert | INFP | Explorer of my inner world | Personality Typology Nut | Navigating life as an introvert with some physical limitations | Homebody | Wife | Mother

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