Finding my best fit personality type: permission to be me

After stumbling across Personality Hacker, an amazing website/podcast on personality types and personal growth, I discovered that for my personality type (INFP if you are wondering) this “problem” of wanting to delve into a million ideas is actually normal. Big sigh of relief!

An introvert, in basic drilled down terms, is someone whose “real world” is their inner world. They generally need time to themselves to re-calibrate as the outer world can be tiring to them.

I am absolutely in love with the Myers Briggs Personality typology and in this system there are 16 personality types.

I am and INFP. You don’t really need to know or remember this, but for me this means a lot. I understand more about how I am wired and why behaviours and thoughts come up in a certain way. Why when I am overwhelmed I get cranky and have to take immediate action (even if the action isn’t related to the problem).

It is the reason I have so many different ideas for blogs or novels, why I daydream, and why I have so much trouble putting in place a plan. I seem to only be able to work on something or do something I am feeling passionate about.

It is why I look cool and calm on the outside, but inside I am bursting with feeling and emotions.

This is why my plan with this blog is to just follow the pull and write about all the things dear to me, all the things that are inspiring me and to just see where it leads.

After a few years of seeing how I work creatively, I have found most of the topics or activities that pique my interest have underlying similarities, or that I find myself coming back around to them after a break.

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