An INFP ready to get out of her head and focus on her Extroverted Intuition

As an introvert I could live inside my head forever and only access my outer world as minimally as possible. My inner world is so rich, big, and exciting. I love to check in with myself and pinpoint how I am feeling and why. I love it.

My main, primary cognitive function is called Intoverted Feeling. I make all my decisions based on how I feel and my values. I love that this is my main function. It has made it easy over the past few years to do all the thing the wellness peeps recommend; stay still, go inwards, meditate, journal, get clear on how you feel. For me this was fairly easy peasy. I am in my element when I am in my Inrtoverted Feeling mode.

What I have had trouble with though, is the term “get out of your comfort zone”. No way. Why would I want to do that?

But then I realised, I may never truly grow as a person if I stay inside.

My second function in my cognitive stack is named Extraverted Intuition. This function took me the longest to understand and really ”get”. It is all about making connections in the external world, getting hands on trying things to see what  happens, going places just to see them, and I often don’t know what I am going to like or if I am happy with my decision until I have experienced it. It’s getting out of my comfort zone and It is the way I learn new information.

Apparently I have been fighting this function, deeming the qualities it brings as weaknesses in me.  Reflecting back I can see how things have always played out for me.

What I always thought:  I waste money investing in equipment and supplies to start projects because I am likely to lose interest in them after I have learned them. E.g. Soapmaking. I learned as much as I possibly could about it through reading and Youtube, but was never satisfied until I actually experienced making it. Then after a couple odd years lost that passion for it.

What was really happening: I was only getting part of the picture through theory and Youtube videos. I needed to experience it to learn how I truly felt about it.

What I end up doing:  After realising time and time again that I don’t stick to things, when a new idea comes I end up doing nothing. I don’t want to start something because I won’t stick to it.

What would be best: Experiencing as many interests as possible and embracing the fact I am expanding my horizons and learning so much about the world.

I have spent years squashing this function and the urge to experiment with learning new skills or techniques. I felt frustrated and defeated for not being able to find that “thing” I am good at, that I can excel in, and can steadily love year in year out.

I focused too much of my life living in my tertiary function of Introverted Sensing (a strength for a lot of people and my Mum), which for me has a developmental maturity equivalent to a 10 year old (Personality Hacker). Introverted Sensing is all about what works, tradition, systemising, keeping things running smoothly, and a focus on past experiences.

I felt like these Intoverted Sensing qualities were supposed to be my strengths, and I often felt like I wasn’t “good enough” in these areas. I would work so hard in sticking to a schedule, keeping on top of home organisation but never quite getting there.

All the while ignoring my sense of curiousity, adventure and just trying something to see what happens.

It’s no wonder I often feel like I am in a rut, and stuck day in day out with nothing changing. It’s no wonder I felt like I wasn’t very good at the things that I thought should have been a strength for me.


According to Personality Hacker one of the best things we can do for personal growth is to work on that second function. For me that is Extraverted Intuition.

I have decided to experiment and actively work on this function, and share my journey here. It means I will be able to try out new activities and learn new skills just to see what I think of them. To get out of my comfort zone.

I am excited and feel full of enthusiasm and wonderment.

What will this journey reveal to me? How will I grow?

Are you a personality typology nut like me? Are you an introvert? What areas would you like to grow in? I’d love to hear your story below.

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