Starting to Fall in Love with Me and Embracing my INFP Introvert Personality Type

I run out of energy so easily. I am an introvert, so I need alone time to recharge, recalibrate. The world drains me.

My flavour of introversion means I get particularly overwhelmed and drained if I need to organise systems and people. I used to hate the fact I would try and set up a routine and not be able to stick to it. I hate having commitments. It makes me feel trapped and held down. I like spaciousness and freedom to do what I feel like doing.

I also have a medical condition which fatigues me as well. Double whammy huh?

Too much physical activity drains and fatigues me. Everyday tasks take longer and use three times the energy of an able-bodied person.

I must be careful on how I spend my energy.

Being a Mum with two primary school aged daughters requires me to be both capable of organising and creating structure and routine, and it requires me to make dinner and take care of their needs.

It is tiring. But you know what? I realise I am doing so well. My family has everything they need, and we get everything important done. I am capable, even though it isn’t my strong suit.

But I do bring some strengths to the table. I am compassionate. I know my values. I notice the uniqueness in my children and create an environment for them to flourish. I allow them to be themselves.

I may be prone to burnout, fatigue and require a lot of recuperation time. But deep down I love my personality type. I love that I am starting to understand how my mind is working and why I do what I do. I am beginning to feel what it’s like to embrace my unique self, rather than think I should be more like other people. I have decided to work on what I have, and become the best version of ME.

The me I am meant to be.


 Fuu J

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