Finding Joy in Creating Art

After an amazing first time Reiki session and a thirst to express myself creatively, I came home and created three pieces of expression in one afternoon.

Creating simply for enjoyment, no expectations, no plan, just going with the flow and seeing what happened.


I haven’t used watercolour paints since I was a little girls, when a little pallet would come with a colouring book. I only really remember soggy pages!






The end result really reminded me of a heart and all the colours representing the different chakras. To me it seemed like the grounded force (red) and the creative energy (the orange) is pumping through and giving life to, and assisting all the other chakra energies.

The Chakra Goddess

Or “Fruit Lady” as my daughter puts it.




Again I didn’t plan the picture, I wasn’t even planning on putting a face on here! It kind of just happened. I think she looks like her skirt is roots into the ground which I really love that aspect.

Rainbow Haired Woman

I wanted to draw a face and I wanted to colour in. Simple as that.



Gosh I didn’t know how fun it was just to draw and play with paint! My girls draw and paint every single day, never running out of ideas, and even developing their own signature style. They are so inspirational and they have obviously given me an itch to get into it too.


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3 thoughts on “Finding Joy in Creating Art

  1. Its so interesting that you are getting into reiki & spiritual concepts like the chakras. I’ve been going down that path too & have met an incredible woman who I believe is going to help me on this journey. I had just finished listening to a podcast on reiki and then happened upon your post! I’ve also been working on setting up my art space in our new home because I’ve felt this strong urge to create. Its like we’re on parallel paths 😊


    1. Wow that is actually really interesting isn’t it! I found the reiki experience pretty incredible, although I knew I was a bit self conscious and over-analysing all the sensations. I’d highly recommend it though. Oh I can totally see you immersed in a creative space. I’ve always thought of you as so creative… in all areas – writing, sewing, art. I had never really considered myself creative or artistic but am enjoying exploring that side of me.


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