Organising my Home Office Space – and a surprising revelation that I like super organised spaces

Sometimes I love to organise. Sometimes I am excited to declutter. It is a fleeting urge that goes away unless I take action straight away. If I give in to this urge, then momentum builds and a lot of overhauling takes place. Usually I end up overdoing it and become exhausted.

It only happens every six months or so. That must be my threshold for clutter build up.

We have a lot of things in our home. Even more things in the garage. I am not a minimalist, but I also don’t have a problem parting with things I no longer use or care for.

The first “big” declutter for 2019 was after watching Marie Kondo’s “Tidying Up” on Netflix. I decluttered our clothes that time around (but I didn’t roll my clothes or even follow her strategies for that matter, I like to do things the way that feels right for me).

This most recent declutter sesh came from a book that caught my eye in the library. I was sitting near the self development section (as I do often when in the library), letting my younger daughter show me the books she had chosen. I glanced over to my right and saw a book called “The Clutter Connection: How your personality type determines why you organize the way you do” by Cassandra Aarssen (AKA from

Intrigued, I had to borrow it. As you may already know I am obsessed with learning more about how I am wired, and this book had a quiz, so of course I was excited to start reading.


In this book Cassandra breaks down the different styles of organisation and helps you figure out which style you are naturally more inclined to use in your life.

It turns out I am what Cassandra calls a “Bee”: someone who loves visual abundance and organisational abundance. I like to see my most used items and I like them organised in detail.

I was a little surprised because I didn’t think I was so particular. But I realised it must come in varying degrees depending on what area of the house we are talking about. I know I have had to let go of that feeling of things needing to be tidied and put a away certain way (you know with having a little family and all). But sitting here writing this, looking for examples of where I don’t mind a bit of miss-match or disorganisation, I realise that I honestly do crave organisation.

I see it in the urge to make sure the papers on the coffee table neat and actually in a pile. I cannot stand it when someone has made the coffee table wonky and not parallel to the lounge. A pet peeve of mine is my husband’s headphones and Xbox controls being left on the lounge instead of being put back in it’s place. It isn’t that I want things out of sight (because I forget they exist). I like things to be visible. But tidy. And in their home.

I have quite a few people come into my home each week and I feel an absolute sense of relief and ease when I see that one has put my kitchen items away how I like them.

One area that I am hopeless at keeping on top of is putting folded laundry and towels away. It annoys my hubby, but for me I can see all our clothes with (mostly) ease (hubby wouldn’t agree here), and they are organised. So I suppose it works okay for me even if they haven’t been put away in their designated drawers.

Cassandra recommended I look at organising expert Alejandra Costello ( who is a visual and extremely detailed micro organiser and has a very popular YouTube channel.

So off I went to be inspired. All I can say is WOW! This lady is super organised. Plus she has a lot of things (so many videos and blogs are about minimalism, so this was refreshing and more relatable to how I live).

I must say, I am not as micro organised or as detailed as Alejandra (especially in the bathroom or bedroom), but after watching her I was inspired to work on organising my home office space. I adored her office organisation videos and watched (and re-watched them… obsession taking hold). From how to organise your desk drawers to files, to storing batteries and gift wrap. Oooh I got excited.

I have always loved stationery and “office-y” things from a young age. It gets me all excited and my tummy feels all churned up in a good way.

So guess what happened next? I organised my home office!

I went through all our old papers and documents that we kept in our sideboard cupboard and was able to clear enough space to make new files for current and important documents. This means I don’t have to purchase a filing cabinet or new storage (to my husband’s relief – he is tired of me buying more and more storage).

My new filing system consists of a couple of containers from Bunnings Warehouse and some A4 suspension files from Officeworks. The suspension files fit really well and was an affordable way to file away our documents.


I purchased 2 kitchen trolley carts from Kmart and turned one into the family pencils and textas cart that can wheel around to wherever you are creating. The other has become like a filing cabinet/stationery stand that can wheel around to where it suits me. I must admit I am so happy with it and get so excited when I walk past it. If you Pinterest trolley carts there is so much inspiration on how to utilise these handy little things.

Elegant-daydreamer-desk-declutter-4 Elegant-d.pngElegant-daydreamer-desk-declutter-6-1.pngElegant-daydreamer-desk-declutter-529th.png

Now my desk is clear of clutter and I have room to do my paperwork. My organising work is done (for now).


Where I purchased my goodies

I would love to know how you feel about home organisation, any makeovers or revamping of your creative spaces or favourite places around your home.

Have you read “The Clutter Connection” and which Clutterbug are you?