The Head, The Heart and Intuition – The Dance Within

My heart bursts. Excited, child-like wonderment. It feels all the feelings. It is where my values, ideals, dreams and hopes lie. How am I ever going to do all of the things it is tugging me towards. Does it not know I can’t possibly do all of it at once?

But then I notice my head, my thoughts. They are loud. I never realised how loud they are. My head has to intervene. Set the record straight. Be the practical one. Like a parent that tells their child they can only “choose one”.

My head puts doubt in my heart. My abundant, passionate heart.

My head warns my heart that it is fickle and desires too many things. “You have too many ideas, too many passions, you change your “mind” too much, following you will only lead where it always does – nowhere and with a price”.

But my heart can be loud too. And persistent. My heart doesn’t stop desiring and it doesn’t lose sight of it’s ideals either. But it just keeps it secret. Just a dream. All to keep my head happy.

My poor head has trouble knowing what action to take. It is so overwhelmed by my heart. My heart desires so many things. For myself and for the world. My head gets confused. “I can’t implement everything all at once, I don’t understand the logic, tell me the next step” it cries to my heart.

This has been my story for as long as I can remember. I often find myself feeling relieved when my heart quietens down a bit and loses it’s passion and desire. I can relax. For a moment. Because my heart comes back bigger and better. It wasn’t going to really give up. It was just regrouping to come back stronger.

And so my head gets confused again and tries to drown out my heart with sensible, realistic thoughts, stories and limiting beliefs. To keep me safe, apparently.

But there is another important part of me. A part that can help with “knowing” and “trusting” the next step.

My intuition. My soul. It is whisper quiet, not like the surging feeling my heart produces, and not a voice like my thoughts.

No, my intuition is subtle. If I happen to catch it’s whispers of knowing, I know that I have powerful, trustworthy information to work with. If I catch it’s whispers of guidance I can feel a rise of excitement within me.

It’s a strange feeling, and it isn’t something I am used to yet. It is new and it is exciting. It is promising.

I think for me, my heart is my guide to what really matters to me. My values and the important messages I wish upon the world. My ideals. All the exciting things. It’s what drives me to keep on purpose and following joy. The place where curiousity comes from, the pull to learn and do and and become more. The place that motivates. Where hope lives. That energy that gets you up every day. To me the heart is obvious, whimsical, romantic, idealistic, overwhelmingly powerful. It can hold so many visions, and desires all at once. It’s capacity is limitless.

My intuition is that part of me that knows the next step. It’s like a secret little “insider” that has some inside knowledge about really important things. It is wise, knowing, sensible, trustworthy, grounded. It is a quiet energy, easy to miss and dismiss. I’d even go as far as saying this is the serious part of me. It filters out all the doubting that the head is oh-so-famous for. It keeps it simple. It is stable.

My head is the observer. Collator of information from all inner and outer worlds. Implementer. Command centre and the place that figures out logistics, and implements the action required. Can get muddled, confused. Can doubt. Plays safe. Loud. Gets tired easily. Can be overwhelmed easily. The head is incredibly amazing and powerful, but is only a piece of the puzzle.

For me…

Heart – the adventurer, explorer.

Intuition – Guide.

Head – Bringing it all together.