Moments of Clarity in Moments of Being

Sometimes we have a moment of clarity. A moment when something clicks. It simplifies things. It excites us. It allows us to make a decision we had been trying to reach, or to step into our power.

The next step becomes easy. Maybe easy isn’t the right word. I like “easeful” because what you need to do next may not be easy work but it is in alignment with our heart and soul. The path is a no-brainer. The clarity we receive may simply be that we only know in our heart the next step, the actual bigger picture and subsequent steps may still not be clear.

That’s what I have noticed in myself. Lately I had been trying and trying to “think” my way to a solution. To the end game – the ultimate goal. But what ended up happening was that (after allowing myself to stop trying to find a strategic or logical solution), clarity came to me. Simplistic and super clear. It wasn’t the answer to the big picture, but it became obvious to me what I needed to do next.

For me, a moment of clarity feels like a lightness inside of me. It usually doesn’t entail my brain and thinking skills, and so isn’t tiring. I can really feel the contrast in how tiring thinking and forcing is compared to allowing the answer to wash over me. It doesn’t even come to me in words, just an overall knowing. It really does feel awesome. It’s an allowing not a trying. It’s being rather than thinking.

I never really had moments of clarity like this in my past. Allowing my body to send me messages is a learnt thing. I probably don’t utilise it enough, but I think I am getting a little better at it.

What I do is try to become aware of how much my brain is actually thinking and try not to engage in a conversation with it. I close my eyes and try to take notice of how my body feels. I ask myself “what is the next step”, or “does this feel right to me?”. I try to gauge what my tummy and my heart is telling me. Sometimes I don’t really know how to interpret what it’s telling me, sometimes there is simply too many other things stimulating me and distracting me.

Often, though, I tell myself I am going to stop trying to find a solution and trust the answer will come when I am not trying. Just like new ideas and creativity often surface when I am not trying.

It’s like magic to me.


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