Patience – My Word for 2020

Something that has been coming up for me lately is this word “PATIENCE”.

First I heard tennis superstar Novak Djokovic talk of if he could tell his younger self some words of wisdom it would be presence and PATIENCE.

Then I watched a Youtube video with and inspirational athlete (whom has Charcot Marie Tooth Disease like me) Tara Lyn Emerson, speak of wanting to people be more PATIENT with themselves and we are too quick to feel like just because we cant do something just yet then we label ourselves with words like “I can’t”.

Then… scrolling through my Instagram feed the beautiful Jordan Bone (Tetraplegic Youtuber and influencer) had written a post on (you guessed it) PATIENCE after a car accident left her on back in hospital for months before she could begin her healing journey.

PATIENCE. What is the universe telling me? What do I need to listen to in terms of patience?

I know for me, I am about to increase my strength/cardio exercises beyond where I’ve ever been before.

I know I get impatient.

I know that I will want to move ahead full steam and probably push myself too far too quick because seeing results feels good and I will want to see more, and get to the “finish line”.

I must remind myself to be patient and if I want to remain consistent I will need to work slow and steady.

I need to zoom out and look at the bigger picture.

Results will come. Strength will come. Cardio fitness will come. There is no rush and I need to ensure I nurture my body with rest and nutrition too.

I’ve been getting ideas as to the direction I want to take my IG account and perhaps my blog. Big bold and scary (really outside my comfort zone), and I don’t know where to start. I feel like I need to rush, as I feel left behind when I start something new.

But there is no rush and I need to remain patient.

In both areas, patience and taking slow and steady steps is the key to improvement and reaching goals. It’s focusing on the here and now but with an eye on what I’m working towards.

It’s ok to stumble, be a beginner and to feel like everyone else is way ahead or more talented, but we are all on our own journey and need to stay in our own lane.

So one of my words for this year will be PATIENCE. In all areas. I aim to let go off that fear of being left behind, and the anxiety of feeling like I need to rush ahead.

Do you have a word for the year? Or are there any themes or words that keep coming up for you? What is the universe trying to tell you?