I’ve been using my disability as an excuse

I’ve just realised I have been using my disability as an excuse – because for me it’s an easy excuse – to stay safe, play small, and it means I don’t have to work on what is actually stopping me from experiencing life the way I want to.

All it took was 5 minutes of watching Australian Dylan Alcott play wheelchair tennis at the AusOpen and visit to the Disability Sport Australia website to realise this.

So many sports adapted to those living with disability, even dancing (something I often “wished” I could do). In this moment I realised that CMT/disability is only a roadblock if I allow it to be.

In fact I’m the one keeping limiting belief alive! I have so many tools – leg braces, a mobility scooter, walking
stick, bath lifter – to pick an choose from, yet it’s my mindset and fear holding me back.

I see so many people with disability just going for it, yet I tell myself I can’t.

So what is it that’s really holding me back?

Good old fear + another bunch of excuses like “I’m shit at sport”, “I have no rhythm”, “I’m uncoordinated and awkward”, “I’m shy”. I’m scared to be a beginner, I am scared of failing, or looking silly. I’m just scared and grasping for excuse after excuse.
I had decided 2020 is going to be the year that I start doing rather than reflecting.

I know my roadblocks (I know more will pop up), but my aim is to listen to the encouraging and compassionate voice that is telling me to simply keep trying, and not the voice that says “what’s the point, its too hard”.

I know deep down that I am capable of so much, and I promise myself
I’m going to keep working on my yoga, my fitness, my writing, guitar, crochet.

I am going to encourage myself to step out of my comfort zone and just experience what life has to offer.

What excuses have you used because they were easy to use and allowed you to not have to work on the “real” issues?


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3 thoughts on “I’ve been using my disability as an excuse

  1. Great insight on your personal journey. Thank you for sharing. With patience and determination you will succeed in removing those limiting beliefs. I have always struggled with evolving, not changing my personality. I always use ‘This is who I am and I’m don’t need to change anything.’ excuse. I’m slowly learning how to incorporate new aspects into my personality with altering the person that I am.


    1. Thank you. Oh I know too well that excuse also… the balance between growing and evolving whilst accepting ourselves wholeheartedly (as we aren’t broken nor need fixing). Thank you for sharing and wish you well on your evolution/ personal growth journey.

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