What Does She do? Not What Would She do?

While I was waiting at my daughter’s weekly gymnastics training session, I did what I always do – listen to podcasts.

And on this particular afternoon I was listening to one of my favourite shows – Manifest it Now a law of attraction show. Hosted by two high vibe women with so much enthusiasm and wonderment for life (my kind of ladies) Ginny Gane and Cassie Parks, who offer so many nuggets of wisdom around manifestation.

The episode I had streaming into my ears was one called Balancing the thoughts of the future vs the present and boy did something shift within me when I heard them say instead of saying “what would she do?” in reference to your future self, change the wording to “what does she do?”.

Listen to the Manifest it Now Episode on Balancing thoughts of the future vs the present HERE.

I loved this concept and ever since I have been practising using this sentence and for me, I feel that there is no longer this gap between where I am and who I am NOW and where I want to be and who I want to be. It means I’m making choices, decisions, and showing up as that person right now instead of somewhere in the future. And we all know that when it comes to manifesting to call in what you want you need to embody the feeling of having it now.

And since I want to be someone who can create audios, videos and podcasts,  asked myself “what does Vicky do?”. Well since the future me has a podcast and is used to making audio recordings and videos, I decided to make and audio on my take of this incredible episode from the Manifest it Now show.

[Just as a side note, I am still learning and practising speaking, recording and all that fun but scary stuff. As I mostly use the written word, I am definitely a beginner when it comes to expressing my thoughts through spoken word.]