How things can change in a year – from feeling hopeless to limitless

How things can change in a year! This time last year I (for the first time) felt a sense of hopelessness and anger towards having CMT disease and how I felt I couldn’t fulfill my potential in life.

This disability was making me so tired, fatigue like I’d never known. The condition was progressing (as CMT does), and my balance, hand strength and dexterity were all of a sudden deteriorating rapidly. I felt so defeated that I couldn’t interact with the world around me the way I wanted to.

But now, heading into 2020, I am in a different mindset. Over the last 6 months of “inner work”, and the past 3 months of believing in myself whenit comes to exercise (showing up consistently), I’m proud to be in the position of “upping” my workouts and about to implement cardio and more strength training.

Cardio exercise to me is so challenging as it’s the exercise that takes from my energy reserves later in the day.

But…. I have a new confidence and belief that I am capable of more than I can imagine.

To me it’s not about looking a certain way, but having my energy reflect how I want to feel, and to feel strong and grounded.

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