Taking Action Towards Big Visions – and my challenges around this

So often I see other women in their business journey talk of goals, and specifically in breaking them down into actionable steps. Planning, scheduling content, content creation calendars etc. Everyone “seems” so in their element.

And I am left on wonderment.

They seem to thrive and love the planning out and mapping out of their goals and breaking them down. Kicking goals. Killing it.

They talk of short term and long term goals, 5 year plans. Blocking out time, know the steps they need to take. Productivity seems to be their thing.

And I think to myself:

I don’t have goals.

I don’t set goals.

I have daydreams and visualisations of the end vision. The vision usually entails me imagining I am living the vision, the life, with the end products already out there in the world.

But I don’t ever know how to get there.

Here are some of the visions I have had:

  • A blog with valuable content and with consistent posts coming out and lot’s of engagement.
  • A novel. I have the entire plot in my head but don’t know how to go about creating enough dialogue, scene setting and character development.
  • A podcast where I get to interview people I am inspired by from all different industries, talents and backgrounds so I can learn how they do what they do, their mindset, what they tell themselves, and how they made things happen. But I am at a loss as to how to interview, how to find people to come on the podcast, and a big fear of “what if I get myself in too deep and i hate it?”.
  • Doing a “day in the life of..” similar set up to the podcast idea but I actually get to follow the person around to get an insight into their lives (I am nosey).
  • Learn to play guitar despite having a hand impairment. I want results now and don’t want to put the effort in.
  • Learn and teach chair yoga and bring the practise to those who have physical disabilities. But I’m scared of doing the training and putting in the hard work and assessment. What if I start and don’t like it?

These are just a few visions and ideas I have had and thats what they still are, ideas.

I have so many limiting beliefs, mainly what if I don’t like it, or what if i don’t have the energy it takes? What if I cant think of things to say or write (a big one for me)? Then it goes onto other beliefs of what if my family suffers because I’m not giving them the attention they desire, what about overwhelm? So many beliefs.

I don’t know how to break down goals into steps so I feel overwhelmed and as though I don’t have any ideas.

I feel I have to rush ahead and try to gain experience in what I am trying to achieve, so don’t stop to break it down into steps.

I look at a calendar and have no idea how I want to schedule in time. I mean what if I don’t feel like doing that on the scheduled date and time? What if I’m not inspired? I like freedom and white space, not things scheduled in.

Then I think I don’t know enough to do whatever it is I need to achieve the things I want to achieve. So the vision ends up on the back burner, and eventually it festers under the surface and I feel this constant pull to do something big in my life.

But what if I take inspiration from other areas of my life?

Take for instance my NDIS supports scheduling. I have quite a few different supports happening throughout the week, mainly 2 support workers who help me in my home. When they first started 3 months ago, I put a chunk of energy into planning out a description of what I wanted them to do, a position description, plus a bit of a meal plan for them to prepare for me.

I was able to set things into motion and now I don’t really do the meal planning thing, but things pretty much run themselves now. We have a schedule but what happens within that time is flexible to what I need and want doing on any given day.

Same with my calendars and scheduling of my family life. I have learned that perhaps once a month or every two months I tend to sit down and map out what it is we need to accomplish as a family, commitments and all that fun stuff, and then it seems to just run itself.

We don’t need to constantly look at a detailed schedule, we just have a wall calendar, but we know what needs doing on any given day.

So I have learned for me that a loose schedule works best so I don’t become overwhelmed, and so I feel I have freedom in how I spend my time. So what I am thinking is block out a few times a week where I’ll work on something from my vision list.

I think another thing for me is I feel like that if I am going to sit down and write a plan that I need to know all the details, and if I don’t know all the details then I mustn’t be ready to chase the vision or that I don’t have what it takes. Or that it highlights to me that I don’t have enough to say on a topic or idea so then why bother.

Then I get overwhelmed again.

But today something shifted in me.

I thought to myself “I want to make this podcast thingy happen”. “Let’s make it a goal”. “How can I make this not seem so overwhelming”?

Just focus on 1 series. 10 episodes. Aim for 25 minutes a piece.

That goal isn’t too big, right?

Then. Let’s brainstorm topics. Okay got a bit of a list.

Okay, so lets choose 10 episode ideas. Okay, got that now. That wasn’t too hard.

I felt ready to write a few points that I want to include in each one. So I made some dot points and key things I wanted to talk about.

Wow. 1 hour and 10 podcast ideas! I don’t need to know yet how I’m going to fill 25 minutes. I don’t have to know yet what I’m going to say. I can work on each of these one at a time.

Then, I thought about other little ideas I’ve had along the way – to share on social media.

Things like “what I’m reading”, sharing a podcast episode I listened to, and a weekly or fortnightly “who’s inspiring me” where I want to share someone who has inspired me recently and how I have taken nuggets of wisdom or inspiration from them, and how I’ve self reflected on it and looking to apply it to my life.

And guess what I’ve realised?

Planning and breaking it down in a simplified way (without too many details), makes things seem more manageable and easier to accomplish.

I feel like I have freedom but with direction and anchor points to keep me on track.

I think the key for me is not to make it complicated or with to many specific to dos.

My challenge now is to try and schedule time to work on this. And I am finding it quite challenging at the moment now I have my diary out.

I think what I am going to do to start, is focus on those little ideas I talked about with the what I am reading and who is inspiring me. Try to schedule that in and work on being consistent there.

And then with the podcast, give myself lovely far off due dates so I don’t get obsessive about creating the content and allow inspiration to hit.

I have a big fear of taking on too much and having other areas of my life suffer, so I want to ease into this project gently.

So yes, that’s what I’m working on right now. But what I wanted to ask you, is what is your planning and scheduling style? Do you love to do lists and filling up diaries, or do you struggle like me? Are you good at setting goals and going for them?

I’d love some ideas and tips as to how you break down your goals and take action towards achieving them.

Until next time x.


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