These Times, Family, Connection

I am sitting at my kid’s craft table as I write this blog. A little lost for words and I don’t really know what to write. But I feel I need to write.

Today we as parents can choose to keep our children home until the end of term. The schools remain open for now but, like a lot of parents that can stay home want to keep their children home too.

I’m in Australia and several weeks behind the rest of the world during this pandemic, and although I haven’t overly followed the media on this, I am feeling the impact that it is having on our planet.

I am not feeling anxious or panic (at the moment), but I am feeling a heaviness and a sadness. Life for now is nothing like we know and we don’t know what lies ahead.

I am an introvert. It is easy for me to stay home, but I am not used to having my husband and kids around constantly. I will need to adjust. I will need to be vigilant on self care and finding pockets of alone time.

I am an INFP and structure and routine is a bit of a challenge in terms of sticking to one (I have written about this quite recently actually). But I will need to learn to create a new rhythm.

But I am already feeling a sense of isolation. This week just gone my girls were home from school sick. I hadn’t left the house in a week. Home felt full, busy, and a little overwhelming.

I have watched some of my social media friends from overseas already experiencing lock down and isolation. I feel a sense that we need to reach out and feel connected. I feel we are looking for a way to feel a bigger sense of family and unity other than just in our homes.

But in saying that, this is an opportunity to really be present with family. Grateful for what we can be grateful for. It’s a time to really look at, listen to, and create quality time with our partners and children.

I feel that I will probably be on here a little more. I feel I may share more of and about my family on social media. Sharing my family is something I have always been hesitant to do, even on my fb personal profile. But I am loving seeing others with their families.

That’s what makes me feel connected.

What makes you feel connected? How can you incorporate this somehow in this “new way of life”?


Introvert | INFP | Explorer of my inner world | Personality Typology Nut | Navigating life as an introvert with some physical limitations | Homebody | Wife | Mother

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