Save energy by listening to that quiet voice inside

Trust that inner pull. You know, that little voice inside of you that says “just try it”? Or “let’s just see what happens”?

That little voice is within me all of the time, but sometimes I am pretty good at ignoring her, and sometimes I even feel that maybe she is gone forever.

When I can’t hear her, part of me feels relieved. Because, if I am honest with myself, I know that giving that voice space to be heard usually results in me becoming exhausted from procrastination.

But something I have been learning over the past couple of years (since learning about INFP and ENFP personality types), is that the problem isn’t the voice calling me to explore my world or to try start new projects.

The problem is my story around what happens next (the procrastination). It’s the energy spent deliberating on the best course of action, all the steps that would be required, and taking into consideration every possible piece of information and perspectives absolutely possible – all before we actually make a move or even speak about our idea out loud!

What I am learning (over a longer timeline), is that when I feel a pull, nudge or little voice leading me to an idea (new experience, skill, or project), and I actually follow that nudge – I end up steering away from procrastination.

Instead I find myself in a space where I know in my heart that I either: just need to wait for more information to land (come to me rather than go look for it), or I simply take a step towards that thing. Just one step. And then I allow the next step to open up. And so on and so forth.

Why do we need to know all the steps anyway?

Because as XNFPs we crave newness, novelty and random, interesting experiences. We love the feeling of newness. That feeling is what helps us open up and learn more about the world around us, as well as ourselves.

When we spend energy trying to quiet that feeling or voice, we end up using up more energy than simply leaning into and following that feeling or voice.

As XNFP’s and ENFP’s we love acting on inspiration. We love feeling inspired. We feel alive. We feel amazing. Sometimes though, this can lead to feeling overwhelmed because we fall into the trap of trying to work out all the steps (here I go about those steps again).

Why are we so obsessed with feeling we need to know all the steps when the new unknown is actually what feels good to us XNFP’ers?

Who knows what opportunities spring from just taking that single step?

Personal story… Last Friday my Mum and I went to visit a local waterfall (I’ve been trying to get my extroverted intuition on), and from that fresh experience we came home and learned more about the land, and I was even reminded of an old book series my Mum enjoyed when I was a baby. So we went on an internet hunt and she ended up buying a second hand set (12 books, and they don’t reprint them anymore – so a hard find). Today her books arrived and she will be able to immerse herself into these books she hadn’t thought about in decades.

If I had procrastinated about even going to the waterfall (because INFPs are really drawn to creature comforts and actually utilising extroverted intuition takes a conscious effort), I wouldn’t have learned about the local area, we wouldn’t have purchased these books and that enjoyment of reading the series wouldn’t even be an outcome.

Following our nudges and curiosity opens our world and leads to new possibilities, experiences and connections.

Are you and INFP or ENFP (or even and INFJ because I resonate with you guys too – hubby’s an INFJ and I used to think I was one too)? I would love to hear if any of my words resonate with you, and if there is any topic you would love me to delve into?