My INFP Instagram Experiment: The Beginning

I’m experimenting with Instagram at the moment. I have had an IG account for years and have gone through phases of posting and then lose interest (in typical NFP fashion) for months at a time.

But I have felt a pull towards it again. With a fresh perspective.

So I am currently studying a life coaching course with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy and we have just finished our module on Niche – our ideal audience.

It seemed to be a challenging module for many of my fellow learners and it was a little challenging for me too.

For me, the challenge was around being honest with myself about who I want to serve. I was worried about boxing myself in to a niche and then regretting it later. What if I chose wrong?

But I took a good look inwards and got clear on my niche. And this is what I came up with:

My audience are INFP and ENFP women who want to feel validated and understood. They believe in the uniqueness of every individual, and they too want to feel relieved about being able to show up and live their life true to them, with their natural gifts. They don’t want to simply live like the world expects them to.

But I had a few fears around niching it down. The main one being “what if I change my mind”, but the other one is around excluding other types and also pushback from those who don’t agree with typology theories.

And then I thought to myself how silly. The point of niching is so that those who aren’t your audience are turned away. They aren’t interested. But my ideal audience… well she will feel seen. There will be a connection.

After feeling this through and integrating it into my inner world, I felt a sense of relief. I felt okay that most people won’t be my audience. Although my INFP personality wants every one to think I’m nice and not to ruffle feathers, I feel deep down aligned with the direction I am going.

It feels exciting. I feel lit up.

With this newfound freedom to write where my passion lies, I am experimenting with Instagram. I am tinkering with speaking to my NFP audience, and also the planning out of the posts through an app called Later (I’m currently using a free trial).

I will admit I always felt a little funny, possibly a fakeness around the idea of scheduling Insragram posts. I like spontaneous and to share my aha’s as they come.

But I have had a reframe. I really have. For some reason, as I dabbled in the Later app I felt a sense of it being like mini blogging (mirco blogging). It is probably referred to as this on the interwebs but I honestly haven’t looked.

With this reframe I got really motivated and inspired. I created a few quick info graphic/quote graphic style images and I had a bunch of photos that really represent my unique INFPness (creativity, exploring the world, home office pics etc) saved to my phone.

So really I just had captions to write. And I could take my time. I have a Google doc handy to take down any inspirational or aha thoughts.

And I am set up for a month!

Of course I worry about not feeling motivated or inspired next time around (especially when I hear the word “consistently” thrown around when it comes to IG). But I am hoping I would’ve had a big enough break to work on other projects and that I would come back around the IG project fresh and ready to go. Because that’s how work – in cycles.

It is too early to tell how it’s all going to go. But as you would know, as an INFP and ENFP we often don’t know how we feel about something until we give it a try.

So here’s to trying!

Are you on Instagram? Have you made meaningful connections over there? Do you find it helps your blog or podcast, or find blogs and podcasts?

I’d love to hear your thoughts below.

Want to come and connect on Instagram? My handle is @positvelyvicky_ hope to see you on the ‘gram!