I’ve been reading…Promise Season by Lee Evie – a novel set in old Korea

It has been such a long time since I read a fiction book, and I must ask myself “Why did I wait so long?”. I have always loved reading, since I was a little girl reading Nancy Drew and Sweet Valley Twins, and historical English fiction in my early twenties. But as a Mum of two, sitting down to read a book for me has been few and far between (unless you count non-fiction – I have read a mountain of those).

But I am back enjoying fiction and boy have I begun with a good one.

A stunning novel set in Old Korea called “Promise Season” by Lee Evie.

How I came to find “Promise Season” by Lee Evie

Now I am not sure if I have mentioned this before on the blog, but I absolutely love Korean Dramas (K-Drama). So much so, that I almost exclusively watch K-Drama. I feel that if I am going to commit my precious time to watching something – I am going to watch what my heart is calling me to. There is something about a Korean Drama that really lights me up, and I don’t just passively watch them either. It gets me guessing plot lines, I am taken on a ride with a character, I get to feel all the emotions (happy, sad, angry, perplexed). I am thoroughly entertained.

I am also going through a bit of a social media declutter and feeling a real pull and desire to really focus on connection through blogging. For me, I truly feel that the community through blogs feels so much more deliberate and intentional than when I scroll the social. Do you feel the same?

So on the weekend I decided to search for some blogs about K-Drama to follow. And a few amazing blogs really got my attention. One of them that truly took my fancy is Lee Evie who is an author of dark and romantic novels set in Old Korea, and is also a blogger and Podcaster of a K-Drama Podcast called The Lee Evie Korean Drama Podcast.

Naturally, I checked out Lee Evie’s podcast, which was amazing timing as I was getting really bored with self development style podcasts, and just wanted something more on the the fun and entertaining side of things (if you have any podcast suggestions please I would love to hear them). I love how Lee Evie delves into the dramas she has watched and that she focuses on the character’s emotional experiences, as well as the things she liked and didn’t like about the drama. I am all about the emotional experience, and love characters who are complex and who are evolving (for good or bad), and find often a drama can showcase the depth of a character that a movie sometimes cannot convey.

But oh my goodness there’s more! Lee Evie also has her own novels set in the Joseon period! And of course I had to purchase a copy of her novel “Promise Season”, the first of three books in the Promise Series.

And I loved it! A beautifully written story. I was intrigued from the beginning, and right there with the main character Seorin until the very end. The story moved quickly with lots of action, mixed with perfectly placed moments of reflection and stillness. Every scene was described elegantly and I could picture Seorin’s world with ease. It was a joy to read.

I am looking forward to Lee Evie’s upcoming books and the book two in the Promise Series, “Promise Thief” coming 23 October 2020.

But in the meantime, here is the blurb for “Promise Season“, and I highly recommend you head on over to Lee Evie’s website lot’s of Korean drama reviews, podcast episodes and a look at her stunning books.

A slave girl.

A spy.

A promise.

Joseon Dynasty, Korea.

A humid summer storm rages across the Pavilion, the greatest entertainment house in the sprawling city of Hanyang.  Within its stifling walls a gisaeng slave girl hides a fugitive in her bed, unexpectedly saving the life of a young man who is not all he seems.

Immediately Seorin is thrust into a razor-edged world of conspiracy and spies, doomed rebellion and murky intrigue. For the first time in years, she glimpses an opportunity for change.

Yet it is not her freedom Seorin so desperately desires, but something far more precious. She will risk anything, even death, to gain it.

A dark and romantic historical adventure set in old Korea.

To purchase Lee Evie’s books head on over to her website here.