I’ve been thinking… what’s bringing me joy

I have just re-read through my About page and was reminded that I created this blog to share my interests and to not put myself and my blog in a box. I am so incredibly interested in a lot of things and those things change around a fair bit too. I have said it before, that I believe everything in cyclical and when it comes to my enthusiasm for activities and topics, well – I cycle through those too.

Today I wanted to some of the things that are lighting me up at the moment and making me feel just so fulfilled and joyous are:

Writing Fiction

Ever since an idea for a story came to me three years ago, I have had a niggle to write. The niggle does come and go (just like all of my other interests) and at the time I did write a little chunk. But then nothing. For a long time.

But this year, I have been getting ideas for stories and characters and have spent a lot of time simply imagining them up in my head. That is where they usually stay too. Something in my head to entertain me and move me. There was no way I would actually turn them into words on a screen. That would be too scary! Plus, “who am I to write?” I would ask myself. “I am not good at describing, my vocabulary isn’t big enough. How do I pull all the ideas together?”.

Stepping back, I knew I was being my own worst enemy. I was the one stopping myself. No one else. Only the reasons I told myself were stopping me.

But there was something in me that decided it was time to just give it a go. No pressure. The writing didn’t need to be good. It just needed to make me feel good.

And so letting those limiting stories go, and simply experiencing writing my story (stories rather), has been one of the most freeing and fulfilling feelings in the world.

A big help for me getting over the “how” of getting started and allowing myself to create in my own way, was through reading Lauren Sapala’s blog and book “The INFJ Writer” (even though I am an INFP). Lauren’s perspective on writing really resonated with me and allowed me to give myself permission to write in a way that suits me.

As of the time of this blog, I have three story ideas – all very different to each other in terms of context and world’s, but all very much about the human experience and emotion. That’s the part that interests me most in all I watch and read in my everyday life.

I have started two of them and neither of them are my first idea from three years ago (that one will always be there waiting for when I am ready to sit down and type it out).

I hope to share a bit more about my writing experience as I go.

Watching Korean Drama

Every time I finish a K drama I promise myself I will take a break from them. But of course I never do. I only have access to them through Netflix, and to be honest that is more than plenty for me. So far in 2020 I have watched about 18 dramas (approximately), more television than I have watched in years. I actually had forgotten how fun it is to watch TV. I think for a little while there I thought it wasn’t good for you to consume so much content (coming from my personal development and wellness world I had immersed myself in). But for me and my personality, coming back to fictional stories (whether it is television or books), delights me so much. I get invested in the characters, my mind explodes with plot predictions, and it is a catalyst to go away and research places and events. It opens my world up. It gives me ideas, and I believe it has helped me unlock my own creativity.

The World Map

A few months ago we de-cluttered our garage (there’s still so much stuff in there though) and I found a large, laminated world map. I love an atlas and a globe, and so I just had to put this sucker up in our freshly revamped home office. As I sit an type this blog post, I can look up in front of me and see the entire world. I am just so fascinated with it, and sometimes find myself just staring at it, taking in all the countries that I never really took notice of before. I find it inspiring, interesting, and it sparks my imagination too. Where would I like to visit? What was the planet like x number of years ago? Whose history do I want to research? What would it have been like to cross the sea in an old ship?

Exploring my local area

Every Friday my Mum and I go for an outing for the morning. As my kids are at school, we have limited time, and so only go local. For the past school term (10 weeks) we have visited a different place each time, and by golly, some of these places I had never been before! Most recently we drove a whole 10 minutes to an area I never visited. A beautiful and unique portion of rock formation on our coast. Stunning, volcanic basalt formations. It was incredible. I loved how timeless it felt. I loved how the waves crashed around them and on the cliff below where we stood. I seem to have a fascination with the ocean and it’s tides and waves and vastness. It’s funny because I am not a beach person, and I am afraid to actually go in the water too. I even regularly have dreams about tsunamis too, but still I am so drawn to it

Going out each week, escaping everyday life, expanding my world (not just the actual outing, but I always go away with questions to research), and just unwinding from the week has been so beneficial. I am more productive with the mundane tasks, I am inspired for learning more about the world, I am connecting with my Mum, and I feel I have a better balance between my inner and outer world.

So there you have it. Just a few things that I have been enjoying.

I’ve been… drawing

The other weekend, my youngest daughter (Miss 8), found her “Create This Book” by Youtuber Moriah Elizabeth (a book of drawing and art prompts) which had been missing for months. She was so excited that she went and got mine (I have one too), and requested I draw a picture. I flicked through, not feeling very inspired, but I found a prompt called “create a historical reference” and decided to give it a crack. I have no drawing experience or techniques up my sleeve, but it was such good fun – and that’s the point. Here it is…