Old Fashioned Blogging – A Comeback?

I have been called to write here on the Elegant Daydreamer blog. I have been heavily in “building a business” mindset around some other ventures I am working on, and I suppose I am being pulled back, and drawn back, to the traditional feel of blogging.

Let’s face it, social media is getting so noisy. I much prefer it when I am not on there, but it seems it is a requirement for those who want to build a business (I am now a chair yoga teacher and life coach). But deep down in my heart I still love the idea of traditional blogging. You know like 10 years ago blogging. Am I just feeling scared of my new venture? Am I just reverting back to comfort zones? Maybe. But thing pull is coming from my soul and not my ego (who gets scared).

I am seeing quite a bit lately of social media users actually disliking social media, that they feel better when they aren’t using it. I know for me it feels overwhelming and noisy and competitive – even when I am trying to be more intentional with it. I’m starting to wonder how many people give up business, or insta-blogging, or whatever, simply because of the fast format, and the everchanging format of the platform.

Maybe I feel blogging, although it has changed to be very business oriented, still feels good to use as a way of expressing and sharing. I can get on here and it feels very unplugged from the scrolling situation I find myself in when crafting a social media post.

Maybe it’s just an introverts dream? Connecting but being able to put my thoughts together uninterrupted.

But can we still grow a community through blogging and without social media?

One of the biggest inspirations for me when it comes to not using social media is historical fiction author Lee Evie (I have written several book reviews on her amazing books here on this blog). She has grown a wonderful community through her blog, her podcast on Korean Dramas, and also shares a monthly newsletter I absolutely look forward to, as well as an extra community feel on her Patreon page. She is the most un-salesy person I have ever seen (or haven’t seen because I don’t actually know what she looks like – and this again gets me wondering about what we are “taught” about creating a following).

I am sure there are many other examples, and I would love to hear any suggestions for me to check out for extra inspiration.

And will there be resurgence of the traditional personal blog?

I really hope so. I feel that it could happen. There has to be others out there who are feeling the same way (I’d love to hear from you to know I am not alone).

I always feel much lighter when I open my WordPress app on my phone over opening Instagram. I always feel more creative and expressive writing a blog post than crafting one for social (I am not sure why, maybe mindset stuff?).

I love to hear from you and your thoughts around this topic.