I’ve Started a Podcast – INFP Daydreamer Podcast

I’ve wanted to start a podcast for a very long time, but when it came down to it I never knew what exactly to podcast about. Oftentimes I assumed that podcasting about the self-development realm would be the direction I would go, but the eternal procrastinator (or eternal keep-your-options-open) in me really kept me stuck in inaction and worry (mostly around whether I could think of enough topics to talk about).

But… I have somehow come through the other side and have jumped in the deep end and have found myself a “podcaster”. Interestingly, this feels so good to me. I have finally followed through on an idea! Now the challenge is to commit and devote time and energy into growing this baby!

And… it isn’t even the baby I had envisioned.

Introducing the “INFP Daydreamer” Podcast

This “baby” is more of a conversational, sharing and brainstorming my experience and thoughts of life as an INFP. It is also interesting to me how good and natural it feels to talk about this topic. So far I have found that I am comfortable going off script (so to speak) and to just let things organically evolve.

What to expect from the INFP Daydreamer Podcast

  • Personal stories and experiences from and INFP
  • How my cognitive functions play out in my life.
  • My struggles and challenges in life and reflecting on how my personality type plays it’s part in this.
  • Fun and light hearted stories about leaning into my auxiliary function of Extraverted Intuition.
  • Topics around getting things done, daydreaming, fatigue and the need for alone time.
  • How being in an Fi-Si loop shows up for me.
  • Growing up and having Si dominant family members.
  • Self-acceptance, self-compassion, and permission to be ourselves.

Where you can listen to the Podcast

And soon to come to Apple Podcasts and Castbox!

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