Can I do it all? Multi-Passionate INFP and too many interests

It is not a secret that I have struggled for years when it comes to choosing and sticking to a path, a hobby, a blog, a business (anything and everything really). I supposed for me as an INFP who leads with Introverted Feeling and is backed up by Extraverted Intuition, I do find it easy to see all the possibilities of what I could do and could experience. I see someone do something that piques my interest and suddenly I am obsessed. I am suddenly thrown in, immersed. Because this new thing is going to be THE thing.

It’s happened a lot over the years, and now that I understand personality type, I can see my patterns and trajectory of how it will all pan out once I embark on my new project.

My Pattern – the boom and bust of a creative INFP

  • I become passionate about an idea or project.
  • I go all in on research and getting all the tools together
  • I use all my time and energy setting up computer programs, subscriptions, usernames (and 5 new emails to accommodate new usernames).
  • I forget to eat or attend to actual things that need my attention (kids stay up late).
  • I exhaust myself and then feel like I could never go through this again. How am I going to maintain this new venture?
  • My obsession wanes and I feel a little nostalgic and regretful about the “thing” I gave up in place of this new great, wonderful idea.
  • I need a break.
  • Then I either bring back to life an older project or follow a new idea.

Please tell me I’m not the only one!

Then I just feel deflated and fickle, as though I can’t really stick to something long enough to see some reward. I know that I used to not even try the “thing” for fear of not knowing how I’ll feel about it down the track. That would frustrate me. And, to not take action at all still frustrates me and leaves me feeling listless, restless and a sense of searching for something (purpose perhaps?).

Over time I have learned that taking some sort of action when I’m feeling inspired, and experiencing mental and physical fatigue from it, far outweighs suppressing the urge and doing nothing.

But I want to build something longer term. I want to feel a sense of accomplishment.

And I suppose I have completed some things in recent years. I completed a Life Coaching course, Chair Yoga and Yoga course, and I am currently studying health coaching. So I CAN finish things.

But not the projects that I am the sole creator. Not when I am in charge of the parameters and timelines. That is the area that I struggle with.

As some of you may know, I have recently started my life coaching and yoga business. But I am finding that my enthusiasm is waning. I feel… bored… with creating content for it. I feel lacklustre about creating programs or tools, or even IG and blog posts around it. It has me questioning whether this is the right path for me.

But will I feel this way in a couple of weeks? Will I cycle back around and be able to slip into that space fresh and enthused? If I am honest, then yeah, I probably will. Because that seems to be the trend for me.

But what if we can choose to follow all our passions?

I have been thinking. What if instead of feeling like I have to choose one passion, what if I allow myself to commit to all my passions (well top 3 anyway)?

This was an idea I rejected because I believed that the more you take on, the less time you have, the more likely you will feel overwhelmed. “Go all in on one thing”, I would read here and there.

But perhaps for us INFP’s, we need to have several projects that we are committed to to feel satisfied and fulfilled?

This is what I am thinking and ready to try:

Create a fluid system where I focus on the project that I can’t stop thinking about, and releasing any guilt around the other projects I have parked.

Allowing myself to work with those bursts of energy, and be okay when that energy subsides.

Trust that inspiration will grow for one of my other projects (that I parked), and allow myself to follow that.

What do you think?

So what do you think to my idea? I am feeling a sense of relief now I have given myself permission to trust and to follow my inspiration.

My hope is that this new approach will actually see me move forward and create consistently long term, even if it happens in cycles.

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