Pausing the Projects

This blog, the Elegant Daydreamer blog, is to me a project. Something that I plan to only work on when I have something to share. It isn’t my identity, it’s only a small part of all the things I want to experience, create and express in the world.

As time passes, so do my priorities and values. I am feeling a pull to re-evaluate my values. I have had some things in my personal life leaving me questioning and reassessing what I want to put into the world.

I still want to put things here on the blog, but I also want to explore some other things too.

Anyway here is what I have decided feels good for me right now.

The INFP Daydreamer Podcast

This podcast was an experiment to see how I felt about podcasting. I wanted to do it for so long and I really enjoyed the experience so far. But I am going to pause it for a little bit. I had a bit of an intro on episode 1 and then 5 more episodes so I am going to call Series 1 complete and hopefully come back soon with more.

I know this looks like I gave up really quickly, but for me I haven’t given up, as I know I want to do more with this. I just need a rest.

This Blog

I am certainly not leaving this blog completely, maybe just a short break. I am really proud of the work I have shared here and so I will be back after a break.

Other Changes in my everyday life

  • I’m not using Facebook very often except for messenger (because that is how my family and I communicate), and once a week checking for anything important in a few groups I’m in. I have taken the app off of my phone.
  • Putting boundaries around email checking. I don’t want to feel overwhelmed and so am going to try and stay on top of cleaning out the inbox and only checking email once a day.
  • Turning off the INFP Daydreamer Instagram account. I just don’t feel inspired to share on there, even though I did in the beginning.

Trying not to rush into decisions

I do have a new idea though, and I am trying so hard not to rush into it. As an INFP my initial ideas seem so amazing and I just want to dive right in, but tend to lose that passion really quickly. At the same time procrastination isn’t so good either. I need to find a happy balance. I guess that is what I did with the podcast. Set a small goal that is achievable, and then pivot into something else.

But I won’t be gone forever and hope you will still be here when I return.

X. Vicky