open letter

I’ve never been any good at telling people what to do, how they “should” be, think or feel. I have always been deeply accepting of everyone and that their perspective is valid. I share my experiences if asked, but ultimately I just want them to do what’s right for them. It’s not up to me.

I used to think that this meant I wasn’t good with people. But I have learned over time that this is a gift – holding space for someone without judgement while they get clear on what is in alignment for them (like a decision they need to make).

But the most interesting thing I’ve learned?

I’ve learned that by showing up and simply being me allows other to be themselves too.

The Elegant Daydreamer blog is me showing up in my own unique way. Here I am sharing my thoughts on journaling, identity, self-worth, my ideals for the world. Sharing my creative journey (which is me trying out activities that I am drawn to and open to epic fails). Sharing a little about disability and even some fictional writing.

The Elegant Daydreamer blog is me following my curiousity, expressing myself and learning to use my voice, and continuously peeling back the layers of my inner self.

It’s mishmash. It might be full of contradictions. You may think I change my mind a lot. I am just interested in lot’s of things. I am complex, intricate and love to feel newness and freshness. I am still learning, I still feel fear of being seen, I still find myself having limiting beliefs. I still at times feel stuck, confused, up in my head. But every moment is a new moment I can choose again.

I chose the name Elegant Daydreamer as I have a rich inner world. Full of so many ideas, dreams, possibilities. I am truly a daydreamer. To me elegance means poised, confident, fluid and flowing (and I love how those words make me feel!)

Who am I, just casually…

I’m a 35 year old mum from Australia. I’m a former soapmaker, blogger, and serial project starter, and INFP.

I’m obsessed with personality type content, K-Dramas, my husbands espresso coffees, daydreaming about movies and books, desserts involving pie or cream, green smoothies, baked vegetables. I am a forever student in awe of the world and how it works (especially space and human bodies).

I love to listen to podcasts (from the Infinite Monkey Cage, to Personality Hacker, to Be Uncluttered, My Millenial Money, to Manifest it Now – I love variety).

I have a progressive neurological disease called Charcot Marie Tooth disease that is causing me to lose the function of my hands and feet.

I can be deep and insightful, funny and silly, a little skeptic and sarcastic, patient, impatient, a dreamer and idealist, or firmly focused on facts. I aim to show up in all of these ways, because, well, I am human and full of nuance and contradictions. And I’m ready to embrace and embody all of it.

My hope is that, through this blog and sharing my stories and thoughts, that you will find something that resonates with you and inspire you to BE yourself and follow your inner voice.


A little dream of mine…

To live authentically, to live feeling fulfilled.

It starts by reconnecting with ourselves. I mean really, truly getting to know the real you. It starts with self-compassion, supporting ourselves, holding space for ourselves, being vulnerable with ourselves. Trusting ourselves. Believing in ourselves, and remembering our worth. Unconditional love for ourselves.

Then we can learn what lights us up and makes us feel good. What inspires us. What stirs up excitement in our bellies. We can tap into our intuition, we can walk a path that feels right for us. We can create a life we love, express ourselves in a way we want, be creative in a way we want, and live an abundant, enriched and joyful life.

We can learn to how to create space for curiosity, space to daydream, space to allow our creativity to surface, and space to be present with ourselves and loved ones.

Living authentically, living feeling fulfilled.

My aha moment: I care deeply about how others feel about themselves.

I want every single person to feel content in their own skin, opinions, gifts and aspirations. I want them to know that they are perfect the way they are. That they don’t need to be more like someone else, or to dim their light, or to be what society expects of us.

I want every single person to know in their soul that they are unique, special, needed, and that their has never been, nor will there ever be another them.

I want every single person to feel free to express themselves creatively, or partake in activities (without expectations of being “good at it”).

I want every single person to love themselves unconditionally.

I care. Deeply.

Love Vicky