I want to share a secret with you – I’m a serial blog starter. Yep I start blogs. Many, many blogs.

Let’s just say (between you and me) I have an obsession with starting blogs, and have had a few over the years. I seem to have so much to share, express and put out there into the world, and I really enjoy the whole blogging process.

It started with a blog for my craft a few years ago. I was a soap maker and I blogged a lot about my projects. I loved it. Then I started a blog all about self compassion and self worth, am seriously proud of even though I have let that go, and now the Elegant Daydreamer. It doesn’t sound like many blogs when I put it like that, but… there are others in there that I started and kind of let fizzle out.

My problem (if it’s even really a problem) is I always have such a hard time trying to niche my blogs, there are many facets to me and I get bored just writing about one topic.

It seems I don’t know how I feel about things unless I try them. And it’s okay. It’s a gift, not a flaw.

Now I feel I have finally let go of all that and am just going to blog about all the topics close to my heart. Basically, that covers pretty much all areas that take my fancy.

Who am I?

I’m a 34 year old mum from Australia. I’m a former soapmaker, blogger (if you missed that detail), and serial project starter.

I’m obsessed with personality type content, “the 100” on Netflix, my husbands espresso coffees, daydreaming about movies and books, cakes, desserts involving pie or cream, homemade nachos and cc’s corn chips. I am a forever student in awe of the world and how it works (especially space and human bodies).

I love to listen to podcasts (from the Infinite Monkey Cage, to Personality Hacker, to With Love, Danielle, Be Uncluttered, My Millenial Money, to Manifest it Now (I love variety).

I would love to have my own podcast where I can pick the brains of all my favourite inspirational people (I’m letting the Universe know).

I can be deep and insightful, funny and silly, a little skeptic and sarcastic, patient, impatient, a dreamer and idealist, or firmly focused on facts. I aim to show up in all of these ways, because, well, I am human and full of nuance and contradictions. And I’m ready to embrace and embody all of it.

My hope is that, through this blog and sharing my stories and thoughts, that you will find something that resonates with you and inspire you to BE yourself and follow your inner voice.