Are you an INFP?… I see you

Hello INFP (or perhaps you are a quiet ENFP? Or maybe you are still trying to work out which one you are?)

I see you, and you are awesome!

First… let me say, welcome. I have been waiting for you.

And… I already know a little bit about you…

  • You are a daydreamer who feels all the feels… deeply. You are so intrinsically aware of all the emotions you feel at every moment, and you can’t turn it off (although sometimes you try).
  • You know deep down your values, your dreams and big picture aspirations, yet you often find you can’t put those dreams into words – let alone action.
  • You’re idealistic and you want so badly for there to be a world where everyone can show up as their own unique self. You want to live in a world where you aren’t afraid to be you.
  • You are drawn to the new. You love to start new things, but sometimes feel feel guilty or “bad” for not sticking to it.
  • You find that feeling inspired and tapping into motivation is pretty much the only way for you to get things done.

Which brings me to…

  • Too much emphasis on routine, productivity and a linear approach to projects can leave you feeling burnt out, bored, or overwhelmed with the amount of energy it is taking.
  • You often feel different to most people. On one hand you can blend in and fit into a world created for “judging” personality types, yet at the same time you feel a lot of resistance around “fitting into a box” or doing things the way “everyone else” does them.

It’s okay.

  • I know that before you even finish a project you are often captivated by a new idea or experience you just have to “try”.
  • You either move onto the next thing with enthusiasm and gusto, or you talk yourself out of even starting because you “always give up”.
  • We don’t know how we feel about something until we have already begun (although we try oh so hard to have it decided before we start).
  • You long for and crave newness.

And it’s so okay. 

Most of us perceive a “successful” life requires, consistency, routines, systems, and our feet firmly on the ground, and that we should be aiming for that. All. The. Time. Because society praises those traits, right?

Most other types really need that reassurance and predictability of routine, and the more routine and predictably the better!

But that stuff is a real effort for us XNFP’s.

I am learning that we XNFP’s just operate a little (okay sometimes a lot) differently than most types.

And we are fine just the way we are.


What if we shook things up a little? And by that, I actually mean lean into our strengths and use our unique tools to live a “successful” life that isn’t life draining, but replenishing?

What if we shook things up a little? And by that, I actually mean lean into our strengths and use our unique tools to live a “successful” life that isn’t life draining, but replenishing?

It’ll look like a shake up to the outside world (spontaneity, following curiousity, art, discovering, exploring ideas all seem a little scary to some other types), but will feel easeful and authentic to you.

What if we focused on tuning into our emotions more, and following our curiousity more? What if we let inspiration and our values lead the way?

Hi, I’m Vicky and I am and INFP in the Myers Briggs personality typology system.

If you are still with me then most likely your are and INFP or ENFP and some (or perhaps all) of the above really resonates with you?

I discovered personality typology around three years ago and it actually took me quite a bit of time to really work out my best fit type. Apparently that is not uncommon for us XNFPers.

Did you struggle to work out your type?

As an INFP I have attempted many blogs in the past, but now I just have The Elegant Daydreamer, where I share my journey around being an introvert, INFP, my attempts at creativity, words of encouragement to all that feel a little oddball but want to show up as their true selves (ie. not hide the quirk).

Most posts are about exploring productivity (the love/hate/acceptance around it), expressing my deep feelings (because as you know – we are feelers), self acceptance, self-care, honouring energy and creative cycles (because life is tiring).

I hope that you find some comfort, reassurance, and a bit of of yourself in the posts.

With love,

Vicky (INFP)