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Patience – My Word for 2020

Something that has been coming up for me lately is this word “PATIENCE”. First I heard tennis superstar Novak Djokovic talk of if he could tell his younger self some words of wisdom it would be presence and PATIENCE. Then I watched a Youtube video with and inspirational athlete (whom has Charcot Marie Tooth Disease […]

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The Power of Self Compassion

Self-compassion is a fairly new concept for me, but in my opinion it should be something we all learn to cultivate in our lives. Unfortunately self-compassion can sometimed be viewed as a sign of weakness (according to society), or thought of as “feeling sorry for ourselves” or holding us back from “getting on with it”.

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Moments of Clarity in Moments of Being

Sometimes we have a moment of clarity. A moment when something clicks. It simplifies things. It excites us. It allows us to make a decision we had been trying to reach, or to step into our power. The next step becomes easy. Maybe easy isn’t the right word. I like “easeful” because what you need […]

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