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Go inward, find clarity, manifest your best life…

I have always been a lover of journaling, but it wasn’t until 2015 when I was diagnosed with a progressive disease that affects my hands and feet that I turned to self-care and journaling to help me through all these new feelings.

Journaling has helped me clear my busy mind, helped curb procrastination and worry. My journal is a good friend. It never judges, I find comfort and clarity in it, and it allows my creative juices to flow.

In this mini-guide I am going to share with you the journaling techniques that I have found helpful in my journaling journey. I will give you some journaling prompts along the way, and even share with you excerpts from my own journal

Perhaps you want to start a journaling practice as part of your self-care toolkit? Maybe you are struggling with #allthethoughts in your head? Stress, procrastination, overwhelm, getting in your own way and overthinking – all so tiring. It literally drains your energy! I know that I get so confused when I’m caught up in my head and feel “stuck” and find decision making next to impossible.

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What We Cover in the Mini Guide…

What Should I Journal in?

When to Journal

Gratitude Journaling

Free Writing

Getting Creative With Memories

Visualisation & Manifestation

Write a Letter to Yourself

A beautiful review of the Mini Journaling Guide

Life throws you some challenges. If you struggle with talking about life, as I sometimes do, it puts you in the perfect position to journal – an interest I have constantly ‘put off’ for a long time, due to uncertainty or not knowing where to start. I was determined to change that.

I have been a member of Vicky’s page for some time. I was always moved by the personal and heartfelt posts Vicky shared. The the more I followed Vicky’s page and her posts, especially when she introduced the Journaling Mini Guide, I was reminded of my desire to journal and told myself to stop stalling and just get on with it! I had finally found my motivation. I downloaded the Mini Guide and I am so pleased I did.

After reading Vicky’s introductory note I thought, “That’s it. I’m doing this. No more excuses. It’s all right here.”

It is welcoming, reassuring and shares how satisfying and flexible journaling can be. I took with me the most encouraging and promising quote from this – “My journal is a good friend. It never judges. I find comfort and clarity in it and it allows my creative juices to flow.”

How good is that?

Vicky has built the perfect guide of ‘how to’ when journaling –her thought process, planning and layout of information is definitely suited for individuals like myself who has never journaled before, or for those who are seeking a variety of insights and different ideas. It is the ideal basis. Essentially, it has everything you might be asking or wondering.

The first few sections answered all my questions and eased my uncertainty and doubt. What should I journal in? How often should I make an entry in my journal? What should I write about? These three questions set the foundation and certainly made a great starting point.

One of my biggest difficulties with starting to journal is over thinking, feeling overwhelmed and telling myself that my approach and execution isn’t good enough. I am a perfectionist in everything I do and journaling felt like too much. This Mini Guide, for me, took away all my self-doubt and instead helped me to come to a level of acceptance and comfort with detailed suggestions and thinking. It is encouraging for journaling development in a way that is fitting to what you need. I particularly liked how Vicky explains about journaling when your emotions call for it, rather than for the sake of just doing it. That way, for me, you can be true about what you want to get out of your head or offload and do it without judgement.

I spent a few days reading and rereading Vicky’s guide and highlighting key points that I feel will help me on my first journaling journey. Some points I found mostly interesting and helpful were questions to ask yourself before you begin – setting the scene to journal and how am I feeling at the time? I took the advice and thought about the location and timing.

After I read this, I went out and bought two notebooks. I wrote my first little passage; just a single page. I looked back at this small entry and asked myself if I had written enough. Then I came across this quote from the Guide – “The trick is it doesn’t actually matter what you write, it’s the magic that happens as a result of the process.”

It’s optimistic quotes like these that reassure me that I have accomplished something. And I have.

So now, I am beginning to use the Guide as a tool of encouragement. Each time I feel like trying to write, I skip through and have a read and pay more attention to something than before. More recently, I have looked more at the importance about Daily Gratitude. When I thought of journaling I always seemed to focus more on the hardships I’ve experienced.

Vicky talks about writing about people and/ or moments you are grateful for. I realised I hadn’t given much thought to writing about happy times and wonderful memories and experiences. And not just writing about what is present, but past. I have the purpose and the advice now of making my journaling about everything, not just what makes me angry or upset, or situations I find tough.

The Guide has inspired me to collect affirmations and use these daily. It has basically helped to give me more positive intention to my entries.

As I ponder my next entry, I would like to use the Mini Guide exercise to help me to write a letter to myself – to allow myself to open up. The Journaling prompts in this section have really got my mind thinking about what I want and where I am at now. This exercise in particular I feel is extremely insightful to my idea of journaling. I feel like I wil gain a great deal from this section.

All in all, there is so much of significance that I can ‘take with me’ from the Journaling Mini Guide. It is my ‘go-to’ – filled with many possibilities. It has motivated me to finally get started on something I have put off for many years and now I am full of heartfelt ideas and advise. It has encouraged me to start small and it doesn’t need to be perfect.

I know I will get a lot more from the Guide as my journaling develops and I become bolder in what I write and how I go about doing it. Most of all, it has encouraged me to peel away my layers and not bottle things up. I am sure the Guide will support anyone who is eager to start Journaling or gather more ideas, as much as it has me. Thanks Vicky for an incredible Journaling tool!

(Kristen, NSW)

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