Finding Joy in Creating Art

After an amazing first time Reiki session and a thirst to express myself creatively, I came home and created three pieces of expression in one afternoon.

Creating simply for enjoyment, no expectations, no plan, just going with the flow and seeing what happened.

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Creative Dabblings |Graphic Art |Whimsical Dresses

Today I didn’t overthink things. I knew I wanted to fill my cup. I knew I wanted to create something. No pressure. No expectations.

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Down to the Soapmaking Shed (fiction)

I wake up with the sun and slowly, and gently, potter around my kitchen, stretching, daydreaming and soaking up a sense of gratitude.

I pour my instant coffee into my oversized, chipped mug and add a dash of milk. I love my morning coffee, it sets the tone for my day.

I am happy. I am living my quiet dream. Slow mornings and then some creating. To me that sounds perfect. Joyous.

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