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Helpful vs Unhelpful Rhythms

I have had an aha moment. A mindset shift. A glimpse of a different perspective. You see I have had a on/off relationship with to do lists, schedules, routines and diary management. I like the idea of them, I try to use them, but I just forget about them after a couple of weeks. And […]

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Moments of Clarity in Moments of Being

Sometimes we have a moment of clarity. A moment when something clicks. It simplifies things. It excites us. It allows us to make a decision we had been trying to reach, or to step into our power. The next step becomes easy. Maybe easy isn’t the right word. I like “easeful” because what you need […]

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Down to the Soapmaking Shed (fiction)

I wake up with the sun and slowly, and gently, potter around my kitchen, stretching, daydreaming and soaking up a sense of gratitude. I pour my instant coffee into my oversized, chipped mug and add a dash of milk. I love my morning coffee, it sets the tone for my day. I am happy. I […]

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