Podcast S1 Ep 6. Five 5 Things / Projects / Habits that I Have Actually Stuck to as an INFP

As an infp i love to start new projects, i love to try new things. Usually what happens is i get this compulsion, or pull, or I suppose – inspiration – to immerse myself in a new idea, or project, or habit or shedule, only to find the energy and motivation fizzles down. And then i move onto the next thing.

Im sure that you can relate, right?

But i was thinking, is there anything i have consistently stuck to – or maybe even reached completion.

And i have. Yay!

So here are 5 things I have stuck to consistently, plus a couple of bonuses thrown in where i have actually completed the “thing”.

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Podcast S1 Ep.5 INFP Under Stress – I’m in the Grip and here’s what has happened

I’ve been caught in “the Grip”, and I’m sharing with you how this is showing up in my life right now. If you’re an INFP I’m sure this episode will resonate on some level, and I hope it’s helpful to know you’re not alone. You may have heard in the personality type world a term…

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Podcast S1. Ep4 – 5 Ways I Know I’m an INFP

In this latest episode I talk about five aspects that are very INFP-like and how they show up for me. Obviously there are way more aspects, but I wanted to keep it short and sweet.

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Podcast S1 Ep. 3 INFP Talking about Introverted Sensing and how it plays out for me

Introverted sensing despite being my tertiary function was overly relied upon in my life. In this episode I touch on the differences between me as an INFP with Si as my tertiary function, and my Mum and 9 year old daughter who are ISFJ’s with Si as their dominant function.

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Can I do it all? Multi-Passionate INFP and too many interests

It is not a secret that I have struggled for years when it comes to choosing and sticking to a path, a hobby, a blog, a business (anything and everything really). I supposed for me as an INFP who leads with Introverted Feeling and is backed up by Extraverted Intuition, I do find it easy…

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