Moments of Clarity in Moments of Being

Sometimes we have a moment of clarity. A moment when something clicks. It simplifies things. It excites us. It allows us to make a decision we had been trying to reach, or to step into our power.

The next step becomes easy. Maybe easy isn’t the right word. I like “easeful” because what you need to do next may not be easy work but it is in alignment with our heart and soul. The path is a no-brainer. The clarity we receive may simply be that we only know in our heart the next step, the actual bigger picture and subsequent steps may still not be clear.

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Self – Care – why do I feel so uncomfortable saying those words?

I am going to admit something here. I am not yet comfortable using the term “self care”. I have no issue with others using it. But when I say it, or read where I have written it in past blog posts, well I feel really funny. Uncomfortable. I feel fake. I don’t feel like it holds enough weight or meaning to how I really feel about “taking care of myself”.

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There is a Storm of Emotions Beneath my Calm Demeanour

I write because that is how I can express myself authentically. It’s my way of communicating what I have to say and give, and contribute in a way that is true and honest for me.

Never put me on the spot for my opinion, or ideas, or thoughts on anything really. Because unless it is about something that I already have spent a lot of time pondering on,  I won’t be able to give you my true, authentic response. My brain and feelings just don’t work that fast.

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