Finding Joy in Creating Art

After an amazing first time Reiki session and a thirst to express myself creatively, I came home and created three pieces of expression in one afternoon.

Creating simply for enjoyment, no expectations, no plan, just going with the flow and seeing what happened.

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Who am I to Hide the Real Me?

Who am I to ignore myself? That inner, deep down self? Who am I to hide the real me, and show the world someone I am not, or just a tiny part of me? Why would I think that others want me to pretend to be someone I am not? Why wouldn’t they want to meet and know the real me?

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Starting to Fall in Love with Me and Embracing my INFP Introvert Personality Type

I run out of energy so easily. I am an introvert, so I need alone time to recharge, recalibrate. The world drains me.

My flavour of introversion means I get particularly overwhelmed and drained if I need to organise systems and people. I used to hate the fact I would try and set up a routine and not be able to stick to it. I hate having commitments. It makes me feel trapped and held down. I like spaciousness and freedom to do what I feel like doing.

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Self-Care as an INFP Introvert – A look back on an old blog post

It’s funny how the dots join together when looking back on your journal or old blog posts.

Today I was looking through some old posts I wrote (from one of my old blogs), and found one in particular that jumped out at me and made me chuckle to myself in an “aha” moment kind of way.

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Trying New Activities, Learning New Skills With a Hand Impairment Disability

As part of a self-development project I have self imposed on myself (you can read more here), I am experimenting and exploring my surroundings through learning new skills and dabbling in the kitchen.

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Down to the Soapmaking Shed (fiction)

I wake up with the sun and slowly, and gently, potter around my kitchen, stretching, daydreaming and soaking up a sense of gratitude.

I pour my instant coffee into my oversized, chipped mug and add a dash of milk. I love my morning coffee, it sets the tone for my day.

I am happy. I am living my quiet dream. Slow mornings and then some creating. To me that sounds perfect. Joyous.

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An INFP ready to get out of her head and focus on her Extroverted Intuition

As an introvert I could live inside my head forever and only access my outer world as minimally as possible. My inner world is so rich, big, and exciting. I love to check in with myself and pinpoint how I am feeling and why. I love it.

My main, primary cognitive function is called Intoverted Feeling. I make all my decisions based on how I feel and my values. I love that this is my main function. It has made it easy over the past few years to do all the thing the wellness peeps recommend; stay still, go inwards, meditate, journal, get clear on how you feel. For me this was fairly easy peasy. I am in my element when I am in my Inrtoverted Feeling mode.

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