Moments of Clarity in Moments of Being

Sometimes we have a moment of clarity. A moment when something clicks. It simplifies things. It excites us. It allows us to make a decision we had been trying to reach, or to step into our power.

The next step becomes easy. Maybe easy isn’t the right word. I like “easeful” because what you need to do next may not be easy work but it is in alignment with our heart and soul. The path is a no-brainer. The clarity we receive may simply be that we only know in our heart the next step, the actual bigger picture and subsequent steps may still not be clear.

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A New Year, A New Chapter | 2019 Intentions

This is really an odd thing for me. Instead of journaling my revelations going into 2019, I am writing it here on the blog. Raw, real and I suppose vulnerable too.

It’s a brand new year and I as usual, social media is bursting at the seams with New Year intentions, goals, upleveling, letting go of, etc from pretty much everyone. I love to read some of my fave peeps reflections on the past year and what they are looking to move toward in the year to come.

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Oh, Maybe These are Gifts & Not Distractions

For so long I’ve ignored this part of me. I thought it was just my escape from the real world. I thought that I had some broken and strange withdrawal technique to save me from the reality of life’s responsibilities.

For so long I fought with my inner world and ideas because they weren’t useful. They weren’t a gift. They were a distraction, and a world I couldn’t explain.

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