The Power of Self Compassion

Self-compassion is a fairly new concept for me, but in my opinion it should be something we all learn to cultivate in our lives. Unfortunately self-compassion can sometimed be viewed as a sign of weakness (according to society), or thought of as “feeling sorry for ourselves” or holding us back from “getting on with it”.

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Free Writing – The Magic that Happens as a Result of Free Writing

Journaling. I am in awe of how it can unlock parts of you that you didn’t know were there. You can peel back the layers (lot’s of layers… in fact there are an endless number of them). There is so much to learn about ourselves and most of us have barely scratched the surface.

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When you are feeling all confused and cannot decide.
Step out of your head away from your thoughts.
What does your heart say? She will let you know what you truly want.
What does your that feeling in your tummy say? Your intuion? She will let you know the step to take.
Go back to your head and let her know what she needs to make happen.

There is a Storm of Emotions Beneath my Calm Demeanour

I write because that is how I can express myself authentically. It’s my way of communicating what I have to say and give, and contribute in a way that is true and honest for me. Never put me on the spot for my opinion, or ideas, or thoughts on anything really. Because unless it is…

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