Dear Self, stop putting pressure on yourself to find that “thing”

Tap into the wonderment and the romance. Connection. Whimsical, flirty, feminine, love, passion, curiosity.

Focus on the creative process not the outcome. Don’t put pressure on yourself and stay on your own path.

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Confused Again After a Social Media Break

My usual, predictable self is emerging. As expected. This feeling of uncertainty of where to share and what to share (when it comes to my interests, blogging, personal health and development journey). Too many accounts (even though I have actually taken a huge, massive break from scrolling social media). Too many email addresses. Too many facets to my personality.

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There is a Storm of Emotions Beneath my Calm Demeanour

I write because that is how I can express myself authentically. It’s my way of communicating what I have to say and give, and contribute in a way that is true and honest for me.

Never put me on the spot for my opinion, or ideas, or thoughts on anything really. Because unless it is about something that I already have spent a lot of time pondering on,¬† I won’t be able to give you my true, authentic response. My brain and feelings just don’t work that fast.

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Oh, Maybe These are Gifts & Not Distractions

For so long I’ve ignored this part of me. I thought it was just my escape from the real world. I thought that I had some broken and strange withdrawal technique to save me from the reality of life’s responsibilities.

For so long I fought with my inner world and ideas because they weren’t useful. They weren’t a gift. They were a distraction, and a world I couldn’t explain.

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